Hallmark announces 2020 Star Trek Christmas ornaments

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Hallmark announced at Star Trek Las Vegas what it has in store for Star Trek fans in 2020 in the way of ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree.

It may not even be the fall of 2019 yet, but Hallmark already wants you thinking about Christmas. And not even this Christmas, but Christmas of next year.

At Star Trek Las Vegas, Hallmark took the wraps off their plans for what their 2020 Christmas ornaments would entail and it looks like they are trying something a bit different.

Instead of the usual character and/or ship and/or scene from a popular episode, next year’s ornaments will be interactive. And not just talk and light up interactive but the ornaments will actually interact with each other.

2020 will be the first of a new three-year series Hallmark is calling Storytellers. All the ornaments will be taken from the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Mirror, Mirror” and first up will be Kirk, Sulu and Uhura.

First three Hallmark Storyteller ornaments
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The really cool part is that the ornaments will interact with each other thanks to radio technology and a Keepsake power cord. When you bring them together, the ornaments will re-enact scenes from “Mirror, Mirror” and will be able to do so whether you buy one or all three.

But wait, it gets better. Once all seven of the “Mirror, Mirror” ornaments are released, which will also include Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Chekov, the entire set will be able to perform an abbreviated version of the episode “Mirror, Mirror” while hanging from your Christmas tree.

In addition to the Storyteller ornaments, Hallmark is also releasing their first Star Trek tree topper, which will be none other than the classic Enterprise as seen in The Original Series.

Hallmark Enterprise Tree Topper
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The Enterprise tree topper will naturally play the opening and closing Star Trek themes as well as the opening monologue, but when you pair it with the seven Storyteller ornaments, it will provide sound effects form “Mirror, Mirror” while the ornaments handle the dialogue.

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Each of the Storyteller ornaments will retail for $29 while the Enterprise tree topper will set you back $119. And if you want to make sure you get these, you should start making plans now. Even though the first ornament doesn’t go on sale until July of next year, these will be highly collectible and will sell out fast.