Star Trek Online: The calm before the “Awakening”


It’s the calm before the “Awakening” as we shine a spotlight on an amusing video showcasing the extensive character creation system of Star Trek Online.

With less than a month now before the release of Star Trek Online’s Awakening update, it’s understandable things are a little quiet on the news front as the developers work diligently to finish up their new pieces of content.

In-game, the Arena of Sompek event is well underway and the suns are setting on the Risian Lohlunat Festival, which wraps up this week. For those hankering to learn more about the future of the game, on Wednesday of last week, community manager Mike Fatum and executive producer Andre Emerson discussed Star Trek Online’s big plans in a roadmap overview edition of their weekly livestream broadcast “Ten Forward Weekly. You can watch it here.

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Last Friday, lead designer Al Rivera teased through a Twitter post that actress Michele Specht of Star Trek Continues fame would be returning to voice a new character for Awakening. Players should already be familiar with Specht as she’s played two major roles in STO so far: the nefarious Na’kuhl operative Krog, and the timid Vorta Loriss.

It’ll be interesting to see how this new character fits into Cryptic’s upcoming narratives. Regardless, it’s always nice to have additions to the game’s regular and supporting cast of characters (of which there are many!)

There was so much news last week that we neglected to mention big news for fans of Eaglemoss and Star Trek Online starships. According to TrekCore, at the end of their STLV panel lead ship and UI artist Thomas Marrone took to the stage to proudly announce a line of STO models, more details and specifics are to be revealed at a later date. With over 300 playable ships ingame, the majority of which are original designs, mind you – there should be no shortage of vessels at Hero Collector’s disposal.

Finally, we have for you a rather amusing (and slightly NSFW) bizarrity courtesy of the popular Youtube channel, The McElroy Family. Their Monster Factory video series has showcased and pushed the limits of dozens of games, ranging from Mass Effect to Fallout 4.

It provided to be an astounding hit on Twitter, amongst the likes of actress Mary Wiseman and even the official STO account, who released a video showcasing their monstrous creation in a set of scenes.

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We believe this video speaks for itself.

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