REDSHIRTS Webcomic No. 3: The Search for Love

Photo: REDSHIRTS by David Milburn / Redshirts Always Die
Photo: REDSHIRTS by David Milburn / Redshirts Always Die /

The Redshirts Always Die com exclusive webcomic continues and features a familiar foe of the USS Enterprise….

We all remember the classic Star Trek episode “The Man Trap” featuring Dr. McCoy’s ex Nancy, who is now married to Doctor Robert Crater on the remote planet of M-113. A great episode that,  in this writer’s humble opinion, gave us a very memorable alien indeed in the Salt Vampire.

In the episode Nancy, who is actually the last of her species, can alter her appearance depending on who is looking at her; acting as the ultimate camouflage in order to get close to her prey. In “The Man Trap”, she appears to McCoy as the young vibrant women he remembers from his youth while to Uhura she appears as a strapping young crewman who offers instant attraction. As a predator on the hunt for salt in whatever form, this ability to change is a clever form of attack.

A creation that may have formed the inspiration of the Pleasure GELF Camille from the classic UK TV comedy series Red Dwarf. Haven’t seen the episode? Check it out as it has a creature that can change appearance depending on who is looking at it, although its main objective isnt salt…..


What if you’re a Redshirt?

In the episode we see a character named Darnell who has beamed down with Kirk and McCoy. He actually see’s a young, blonde woman who resembles someone he interacted with on Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet. Safe to say he’s dead a few minutes later. BEFORE you say it, yes he was wearing a blue shirt. But it got me thinking, Redshirts would be bread and butter for a creature with this ability.

Just a quick change into a pretty little thing and they would be drawn in hook line and sinker; a concept explored in our latest installment of REDSHIRTS:

Photo: REDSHIRTS by David Milburn / Redshirts Always Die /

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