Next Generation actors beaming into Destination Star Trek UK

Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.Screen grab: ©1988 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved
Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.Screen grab: ©1988 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Destination Star Trek, the now annual UK Star Trek event, returns to UK shores in October this year and is bringing with it two of the Next Generation’s biggest stars.

The UK is way behind the USA in terms of fandom and conventions. I have loved the parts of our popular culture that some people would describe as nerdy or geeky since I was a child. Now nearly 40 years old (pause for emotional outburst), it has only been over the past 5-10 years that comic-cons and various conventions types have started to appear in the UK. MCM has been a driving force behind this and its initial popularity has spawned many similar events all trying to cash in on the obvious fan demand – including Destination Star Trek.

As a Star Trek fan, I would see online the conventions, exhibitions, tours, pop up events and comic cons being shared on social media by my American cousins; reading with envious eyes, swelling up with jealousy and if I am being truly honest, a hint of resentment. Thankfully, in 2016 that all changed when CBS licensed UK companies, Showmasters, Massive Events and Media 10 Ltd to organize the first ongoing UK Star Trek Convention.

The show returned in 2018 after a year off and is back in 2019 bringing with it a plethora of Star Trek alum. Along with the likes of Alice Eve from Star Trek: Into Darkness, George Takei from Star Trek: The Original Series and Anson Mount and Ethan Peck from Star Trek: Discovery we can now count both Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton from Star Trek: The Next Generation amongst the growing guest list.

Although Brent Spiner was announced at the end of August this was a little bit bitter-sweet. Originally Jonathan Frakes was due to attend, but because he was directing on the new series of Discovery he had to pull out with the announcement made on the same day as the one confirming Brent Spiner as a guest.

LeVar was announced on Friday and this will be the first time the two Next Generation legends will have attended Destination Star Trek. The timetable for the event has yet to be published, but it would not surprise me if they schedule in a joint talk and Q&A over the 3 days. This could give us an opportunity to learn more about Spiner’s role in the upcoming Star Trek: Picard.

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Destination Star Trek will be at the NEC in Birmingham and will run from Friday, October 25 until Sunday, October 27. For full list of guests and ticket information please visit the official Destination Star Trek site.