Star Trek Picard just brought in the next great ‘Trek actress

The world of Star Trek is filled with a variety of amazing talents from all sorts of worlds, but a key defining trait of most of them is their versatility.

So many Star Trek talents are known for their talent. They’re well trained, from a variety of projects and have a uniqueness that makes them able to thrive in a vastly unique world that is Star Trek. Star Trek: Picard has just delivered a name that could rival that of Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Plummer, and J. G. Hertzler. That name is Alison Pill.

Pill is wildly capable of playing any type of roll. From her scene-stealing performance in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to her…well…scene-stealing performance in The Newsroom, to her……scene stealing performances in The Goon. She’s shown to have stellar comedic timing in Scott Pilgrim, as well as being able to portray a multi-layered working woman in the News Room to being just…a mess in The Goon.

Now that she’s in a Star Trek series, her talents will be put to good use. Being able to be versatile in Star Trek is a necessity. You never know when or where you’ll have to change your personality at a whim and portray someone so different than what you were originally cast as. Pill is uniquely qualified to pull off such a demanding possibility.

The only hang-up with Pill being in Picard is the uncertainty that she’ll be around for a long time. How many episodes is she penciled in for? We know from shows like The Mandalorian that big names aren’t always used in abundance. If someone like Gina Carano only gets a few episodes, then it’s not unfair to wonder if Pill will get treated the same. Pill is listed in all eight episodes on IMDB as Dr. Agnes Jurati, but as we all know that doesn’t mean she’ll be in all eight. Here’s hoping she is because she’s fantastic and fans deserve to see her talent.