Star Trek: Picard may just introduce everyone’s new favorite, Elnor

On Star Trek: Picard, a new character named Elnor is set to be introduced and if the images are anything to go off, he may just become a fan favorite.

Let’s just all agree that swords and people who use them are cool. There’s this stoicism that resonates with characters like them. The vaunted Spartan, knight, samurai, ninja character always becomes a fan favorite. Even in media that takes an abstract approach, stripping away the time period and attire; like with the Walking Dead’s Michonne. She’s a badass who carries a sword. How fricking cool is that? Star Trek: Picard is looking at to add to that legacy of badass sword swingers with Elnor.

In new images released for Star Trek: Picard, we get a great look at the new character Elnor and his mighty Romulan blade. Not much is known about the character yet, as he’s apparently making his debut in episode four, Absolute Candor. What we see in some stills is Elnor protecting various Romulan refugees from some sort of assault, pulling his sword and doing his best Legolas impersonation.

The character takes a different approach from most characters in the Star Trek lore and seems to be more in line with a martial artist as opposed to a member of a military. The most notable characters in Trek lore to carry blades are Klingons, but Elnor may provide a new standard-bearer in this new Trek.

With Elnor, he clearly checks a lot of boxes for viewers to potentially become a new fan favorite. Viewers love stoic, heroic, sword-swinging good guys. Is that what Elnor will become for Picard? Will he be the Aragorn muscle to Picard’s Frodo or will things go sideways and see Elnor become a villain or even worse; parish?

Episode four of Star Trek: Picard airs on Feb 13, 2020, via CBS All Access. Tune in to find out more about this potential badass.

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