March Madness Star Trek Edition: The worst of the villains

The 32 worst villains of Star Trek will now battle it out to find out who the best of the worst of the worst is in this March Madness tournament.

The worst of the worst will now battle it out to find out who the best Star Trek villain is in this all-villains March Madness-style bracket! The tournament is two-pronged, with a villains and heroes bracket, with the winners facing off for brand supremacy in an eventual Friday Night Fight.

To be clear, no ‘race’ was added to the list, only specific members of each villainous faction. For instance, the Gorn that Captain Kirk fought is referred to as the ‘Gorn Captain’. There are a few characters that get generic names but do reference a specific character.

Like in the heroes’ side, villains are seeded by their effectiveness, skills, dirty deeds, and general overall appeal. Some are on this list that may not be what many consider to be as typical villains. Names like Quark and Ro Laren appear, even though both were at times allies. Yet, Quark was constantly breaking the law, and Laren committed treason. Those are villainous tactics if there ever were.

You can see the bracket below.

Like with the heroes’ side of things, voting will go on for four days, with the first round finishing on Saturday. Sunday will begin the Surly Sixteen. Saturday will also begin the Sweet Sixteen for the heroes as well. So be ready to come back and vote again.

Like with the hero side of things, not every villain is going to be considered and the seeding is purely up to how I feel about each character individually.


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