March Madness Star Trek Edition: The villains find their Terrible 2’s

The heroes of Starfleet were lead by the first two legends, but the villains were dominated by the Next Generation of Star Trek baddies.

Well, Spock and James T. Kirk are the last two in the Starfleet bracket, but who’s going to get the villains final two slots? We got Q, Khan Noonien Singh, Gul Dukat, and The Borg Queen, the four baddest baddies of all of baddom. So as we dive deeper into the rest of this article and reveal not just who won, but why, let’s remember that you, the fans, voted for these iconic Star Trek villains. So don’t come for me when the obvious choice for Best Villain didn’t win.

In the first final bracket, we have Khan Noonien Singh and Q. Let me tell you, these weren’t that close. Rounded to the nearest, whole, Khan lost by 20% of the vote. That isn’t that surprising as Q is more of a fun bad guy, while Khan is basically an engineered space bigot.

If you think that’s bad, The Borg Queen eviscerated Gul Dukat. It wasn’t even close. She took 70% of the vote. How is that even possible with how much love Gul Dukat gets? He’s the best-written villain in all of Star Trek. If I had my way, Dukat would have been in the finals against the winner of Kirk and Spock.

If I’m being honest, if I had my way, it wouldn’t have been Spock or Kirk either, but probably Jothanan Archer against Dukat.

The voting for the finals runs through Thursday, April 16, 2020. The winner of the villain poll will then face off with the winner of the Starfleet poll for next week’s Friday Night Fights.

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