3 hilarious Sci-Fi shows to watch before you go back to work

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Sometimes you just need a good laugh, especially in these tough times. If you’re in need of some levity we recommend these three shows.

No matter what time of the year it is, if you’re reading this chances are you’re looking for a good laugh. These three sci-fi shows come highly recommended and you’re encouraged to give them a shot and see if they tickle your funny bone. Why these three shows, though? Well, they all do one thing very well. They offer such unique takes on a variety of issues but none of them will remind you too much of real-world issues. Simply a good time.

That’s part of the problem with some modern entertainment, the need to force-feed personal points of view down the viewers’ throats. More and more creators are taking a holier than though stance and sometimes you just want some good laughs. That’s what these shows offer. Good, ol fashion, fun.

Granted, the third one on this list features an episode of nepoticide. So, maybe not all fun but believe me, it’s played for laughs. Especially because it happens off-screen and in a blink of an eye. It’s fantastically dark but still so hilarious.

We still miss you, Raymond.

Hilarious inside jokes aside, each of these shows should provide you the warm and fuzzies you need, with a healthy dose of laughter mixed in. Two of the shows you’ll need some type of streaming service or the ability to purchase DVDs to view but the third, luckily enough, remains free for all to watch in its entirety.

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