Star Trek: Enterprise ended 15 years ago, here are 15 reasons it rocks

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It’s been 15 years since Star Trek: Enterprise ended and despite some fans’ lack of interest, the series has aged surprisingly well over the years.

Reading an awesome interview with Connor Trinneer (Trip) and Dominic Keating (Reed) got me to thinking about this little show. It’s been 15 years since Star Trek: Enterprise ended, and next September will be the 20th anniversary since the series premiered. After nearly two decades after, the show is still maligned by some for one reason or another.

Sure, the first season dragged on a bit, and it was a prequel at a time when everyone wanted a sequel story to the events set up by Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager. Yet, it often feels like the show is constantly being dragged by some for no other reason than just because.

No one is arguing that it’s the greatest Star Trek series ever, but it’s damn sure good enough to watch from beginning to end a few times in your life. Here are 15 reasons why Star Trek: Enterprise was a fitting Trek series.

1. It featured the beginnings of Starfleet.

It’s hard to hate seeing how something began. When we first saw Star Trek, Starfleet was long established. Questions and history surrounding its beginnings were never really explored that much until Enterprise aired. The political ideologies, the endless debates, and the desire to appease the Vulcans at every turn were constant struggles that Captain Archer had to deal with.

2. A mostly human crew

To see a mostly human crew offered up so much in the way of potential storytelling. While Vulcans were seen as necessary but unliked, the possibility of the crew having issues, conflicts, and eventually welcoming alien crew members would’ve been a wonderful set of storylines, one that fans never got to really see unfold. Though there were some anti-alien episodes later in the series but it didn’t feature the crew; just jerks.

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