3 great science fiction web series you can finish in a day

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Three science fiction web series you can binge in a day.

Sometimes you just want to watch a show that doesn’t take a month to get through. With the world now engulfed in streaming and binge-watching, it feels like it could take days if not weeks to finish or catch up on a series. Who has that kind of time anymore? Between working from home, trying to stay in shape, and making sure everyone is fed, sometimes it’s nice to start and finish a story in a matter of hours.

That’s what we’re looking at today, three series that you can finish in a day, or two. Depending on how dedicated you are to finishing it, that is. All three shows also have to be primarily web-based series. That means these series were created exclusively for an internet outlet that wasn’t some sort of Netlflix type streaming service. Though some of them would end up on said service or something similar after it’s initial run.

All three series were also created by actors from their respective shows, which was a neat little revelation to discover.

While not out and out Sci-Fi in nature, all three shows steal elements of science fiction or science in general. Whether it’s a series about a science fiction television show, a series that features friends playing video games, or a series set in an alternate reality where people play the most advanced video games possible and heavily lean into the science fiction landscape; they all straddle that line of sci-fi fun.

So without any more delay, let’s see what three shows landed on the list.

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