You can watch Star Trek: The Next Generation for free on Pluto TV

ViacomCBS is launching a free Star Trek channel on Pluto TV starting July 14, 2020

When ViacomCBS merged, several things came with it. Namely the burden and expectations for CBS All-Access to be a hit. It hasn’t been. Yet, something that was acquired not that long ago has in fact been a hit, Pluto TV. It continues to draw in fans of all types due to the variety it airs, and for free. The channel has so much content for everyone, from international pro wrestling company IMPACT Wrestling to Glory Kickboxing, sports news channel Stadium, all the way to channels featuring nothing but Unsolved Mysteries, Baywatch, American Gladiators, and Degrassi. That’s not all this outlet has, as Viacom has put all of their cables back catalogs onto the free-service as well. Classic MTV series like Cribs or Made, alongside original programming from Spike TV/Paramount Network to stuff that used to air regularly on those networks, like CMT’s reruns of Walker Texas Ranger. Joining them starting on July 14 will be Star Trek.

That’s right, Star Trek is getting their own channel filled with nothing but classic Trek. The channel will only air Star Trek: Next Generation to start and over time will add more shows and episodes to the channel.

Beyond Star Trek: The Next Generation, Pluto TV will also introduce Survivor, CSI: Miami, The Amazing Race, Beverly Hills 90210, Everybody Hates Chris, JAG, MacGyver, Scorpion, and Numbers to the streaming service. As well as episodes from the first 10 seasons of South Park.

This won’t affect the All-Access, Hulu, or Netflix deals with regards to where and how you can watch Star Trek. Nothing is changing. The hope is to use Pluto TV as a free outlet to funnel potential new subscribers to All-Access, not to replace it.

While the service has become far more popular and widely viewed with stations like Nickelodeon, one dedicated to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and news outlets being readily available; that does mean that some channels that were there before the purchase by ViacomCBS will probably be sent packing. Some already have, namely the Kaloopy ran Eye Candy channel that left the platform in April of 2020. Other outlets like Stadium, IMPACT Wrestling and several non-Viacom owned children’s and anime networks could be leaving the platform as well if ViacomCBS wants to make the service strictly for their content.

So with all that said, yes, more outlets are airing Trek. That’s ultimately the only thing that matters here. So go check out Pluto TV now and start watching some old school science fiction while you wait until July 14.

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