Star Trek: Wrath of Khan producer working on new Star Trek script

Robert Sallin is working on a new Star Trek script 40 years after Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.

The producer of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Robert Sallin, has revealed to Den of Geek that he has begun working on a new script for a potential Star Trek film. Talking to Don Kaye, Sallin revealed that while he’s not finished, he has a lot of the script written. He’s already discussed the idea with Paramount, but the studio is holding off until they see what Noah Hawley has for them. Hawley is the current filmmaker tapped by Paramount to lead the Star Trek movie universe going forward.

As of January of 2020, Hawley had yet to even write a script treatment for Paramount to go over, and by February it was reported that his ideas were rejected by the studio. Yet, as of April, Jeff Russo gave an indication that Hawley was still on the project. So waiting on Hawley seems to be one that will require patience. Plus the global pandemic won’t help Sallin get his scripted viewed any fast.

I don’t have it completely written, but I have a lot of it written,” says Sallin. “I have a concept for another Star Trek feature that I’ve had discussions with Paramount about — at least on the phone. This one I guarantee you is unlike anything that has been done in Star Trek, and it will be part of the canon, but they (the studio) don’t want to talk about it until they see what Noah Hawley does.

Sallin though has a lot of respect for Hawley.

I’m really intrigued that the studio has brought Noah Hawley into the Star Trek thing because I have complete respect for his work. I find his work unique, engaging, and fascinating. I think the guy is really a special talent. I’ll be very curious to see what he brings to the franchise.

As for what Sallin’s script is like in comparison to other iterations of Star Trek, he feels it’s very unique.

Unless I am completely off base here, it is completely different. Nothing has been done like this and I think it will become part of the canon. That’s all. I hope one day to be able to have the meeting and have them say, ‘Hey, Bob, come on in, let’s talk about that.’

Yet the question remains if and when we’ll be able to see Sallin’s vision in any form. Whether he publishes the script for everyone to see, or if he, in fact, does get the film picked up Paramount to turn it into a full-length film.

It’s obvious that right now ViacomCBS is more interested in turning Trek into as many shows as possible before it reaches its saturation point in the market, but it’s entirely possible that a new Trek film could be on its way from the producer of one of the greatest Trek films ever.

That’s lofty expectations.