G4 is returning and we should all be excited

The video game and nerd based channel, G4, is coming back in 2021.

Comcast is re-launching the iconic video game and lifestyle channel that was G4 in 2021. On Friday, The Twitter accounts for G4TV, their flagship show, Attack of the Show! and their widely popular X-Play all posted a cryptic teaser video, where it stays “We never stopped playing.”

The teasers were done apart of the Comic-Con@Home event.

The current G4 website, g4tv.com is up and currently making a free game of Pong available. NBCU, the parent company of G4 and Comcast, did not comment on the matter. Yet, Variety is claiming a source told them that the relaunch is coming out of Comcast Spectator. Part of the sports and esports division of the network. This is also the arm of the Comcast that built and runs the Fusion Arena, a 3,500-seat venue that’s sitting smackdown in between the homes for the Philadelphia sports teams; the Eagles, 76ers and Phillies.

The relaunch of G4 seems to be some type of indication of getting in on eSports.


The network was known for it’s “geek” lifestyle content, including video games and lots of them. Though that’s not all they covered, they also had a lot of tech-related content as well and considering this was a channel that was on just before YouTube’s invention, it provided some of the first forms of typical YouTube-stylized content, like Let’s Plays.

What a relaunch means for G4, assuming it’s given a wide relaunch that is, is really anyone’s guess. The crossover with tech, gaming, and nerd-culture really has come a long way not just from when the channel first started in 2002 but also from when it ceased airing in 2014.

A channel like this could really bring a lot of new eyes to certain forms of content, while also being able to add new ideas to the network that would encourage more cross-brand synergy. If they integrate some ideas, and purchase some smaller bases (for instance the defunct Comic-Con HQ), then G4 could find a second life as the leader in sci-fi, tech, and video game lifestyle outlets.

Assuming they have a cross-platform idea and aren’t just relegated to a hard-to-find cable/satellite channel.