3 Reasons Star Trek should stop making new Kelvin movies

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The next Star Trek film is in limbo. Here are three reasons why that film should not be in the J.J. Abrams-Kelvin timeline.

There is no answer to this debate. Whether you think the answer is more Kelvin films in the vein of J.J. Abrams or returning to the main timeline, there’s no way to say you’re right. So when we talk about what should happen next in the Star Trek franchise, there’s evidence to support both ideas of discontinuing the Kelvin films and moving on to something else.

There’s no good answer with regards to moving onto a new story/universe if you do eave the Kelvin films. Do you stay in the Kelvin universe and reboot Star Trek: The Next Generation? That’ll surely not go over well in 2020. Sure, it was a bit different when the announcement got made in the mid-2000s. They had no idea what to expect. The actors for these roles were in their 70’s, so you’d have to reboot the franchise. It made sense. Then three movies, and three series later, fans are a bit more tepid to new Star Trek ideas; be it right or wrong.

So then what do you do? Make a new franchise with new characters? That’s not a realistic possibility, mostly because Hollywood has gotten away from original ideas these days. So just saying move on from the Kelvin universe isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Maybe revisiting older television franchises in some big, cross-promotional release is the way to go. Maybe it’s not.

It’s impossible to say for sure. What is not impossible to say is that whether you liked or disliked the JJ Abrams-Star Trek, the series has found more than enough reasons to warrant being put into cold storage for good.

That’s what we’re looking at, three of the biggest reasons to not do any more Kelvin films.

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