Chris Pine wants to see the fourth Star Trek Kelvin film happen

Chris Pine wants to do a fourth Star Trek film in the Kelvin timeline.

Chris Pine wants to do the fourth Star Trek Kelvin film for Paramount. This according to a new podcast by J. Claude Deering, called Things Are Going Fine For Me. The interview, which was conducted in April, saw Deering and Pine talk about plans for the future and what the actor was hoping for with regards to the new Star Trek films currently in development.

At the time, the script from Noah Hawley was still in the works. Now we know that due to the restructuring at Paramount, something Pine alluded to in the interview, the script is now dead. Which is probably a good thing since it reportedly featured a galaxy-wide pandemic being the center of the film.

During the interview on Deering’s podcast, when the topic of reprising the role of the iconic Captain James T. Kirk for a firth film, possibly one featuring Quentin Tarantino directing, Pine made sure to be clear;  he wanted back in the captain’s chair.

I know that Paramount is coming out of having restructured a bit and kind of a major corporate restructuring. So hopefully when all that dust settles, something concrete will come out of it and we’ll get to work. I’d love to do it.

Pine seems to make it clear that he’s not too opposed doing a Tarantino film, a Hawley film, or something else; just as long as it’s Star Trek related. This should make fans of the Kelvin timeline of films very happy because it’s a clear sign that there’s a desire to get more movies done.

While that’s not the end-all, be-all of the decision making, it’s much harder to make money when the stars aren’t interested in coming back for one reason or another. Luckily Pine and co-star Zachary Quinto are both onboard and if the two big stars, playing the biggest characters want back in, there’s a good chance they’ll get that wish.