You can play and fail the Kobayashi Maru all on your own

Kobayashi Maru. Image courtesy Scopely, CBS Interactive
Kobayashi Maru. Image courtesy Scopely, CBS Interactive /

The mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command, has launched a new browser game that you and yours can play and play and play all night long…and fail at. That’s right, the newest hit game to treat Trek fans to what it’s like to be in Star Trek is the browser game based on the Kobayashi Maru.

For those unfamiliar, the Kobayashi Maru is a simulation in Star Trek that cadets can take to determine their aptitude at handling high-stress situations. In Star Trek (2009) the test is designed to teach wannabe Captains how to deal with an unwinnable scenario, where the only way out could be one’s death.

The web browser version of the game is far less unbeatable, but that doesn’t mean it’s at all easy. Personally, I played it for 30 minutes and failed eight times.

The game exists more as a “choose-your-own-adventure”, where you direct which way to go through a series of command prompts. There’s more than likely only one correct path from start to finish, though some slight deviations can be made along the way.

The game doesn’t seem to allow you to play through the exact same outcomes, however, so if you feel you have the right path, the game can change how certain outcomes actually end up going. Making the game more luck-based than anything

Kind of like real life.

I engaged the Klingons about half of the time I played, and each time their battle with me went differently than the time before. There is no set order to which to win, it seems like you have to pick the right path each time the game boots up, making it a fun and replayable experience.

It’s certainly worth your time, though you may have to have an active Facebook account to play, I know I needed to log into mine.

It’s worth checking out, but don’t go in expecting this to be deep and layered. It’s a modern version of a flash game.

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