Star Trek: Picard has begun filming their second season

Star Trek: Picard has (un)officially begun filming their second season, according to Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas. The filming of the second season was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and delayed, partly because they didn’t want to get the 80-year-old Patrick Stewart killed filming a space-show. Now that Stewart, and presumably others, have been vaccinated, they felt comfortable going forward filming.

Though safety measures will still be taken.

Matalas is taking over the duties of showrunner Michael Chabon, who was removed and placed on a different show. This is usually how Hollywood handles someone who did a bad job or someone who the office can’t stand. Considering the huge importance that Picard had/has on CBS All Access and now Paramount+, removing the guy who was guiding the show seems like a big deal.

Though it’s been downplayed for obvious reasons.

Matalas already found himself in hot water by tweeting out the new deleted, yet screen-capped image. He was apparently told to delete the tweet by his bosses, which inspired him to tweet out a rather snarky reason for his deletion of the tweet.

Either way, the show is filming again, maybe. It’s interesting that the show has begun filming now, as there are rumors that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has also begun filming. Though the “source” for that rumor was Ethan Peck taking a photo of a grocery cart covered in snow.

Maybe Peck just likes obscure art?

Usually, shows that aren’t airing at the same time are staggered in their filming and production. Sure, in the ’90s they filmed the Star Trek series at the same time, and more recently the CW did the same thing with the Arrowverse shows. Yet, they were all airing at the same time.

There’s no way that Paramount+ debuts both season two of Picard and Strange New Worlds on the same week, or heck, even in the same quarter of the year.

Regardless, these two shows, and Star Trek: Prodigy are all under way and should be out sometime in late 2021, early 2022.