Why this fan built the Enterprise in her home

Image courtesy Line Rainville. Copyright Line Rainville
Image courtesy Line Rainville. Copyright Line Rainville /

A couple of months ago, I shared a few of the details of Line Rainville’s renovated basement that is her Enterprise. Line spent over $30,000 several years ago making her dream of living on the Enterprise become a reality. While she was able to find some of the items online, many others she had to replicate herself like, well, food replicators. (I can’t understand why these would be so difficult to find!)

Being fascinated with the transformation in Line’s house (and a little envious), I reached out to her to learn more about the project, and she was kind enough to answer some questions about the transformation in her house and what’s going on behind the scenes now eight years later.

What started your journey as a fan of Star Trek?

At 9, I began watching the show in French with my father. I made me dream about deep space. At that time there was a lot of excitement about exploring the moon and new territories. I was thrilled. I felt in love with Captain Kirk. It was in the late 60’s. It was on TV at 7 on Thursday night. I was waiting for it all week for this specific night. In my mind, I was connected to the show and the main characters. I tried to behave like them during school when I was facing challenges.

What made you decide to create the Enterprise in your house?

I wanted to transform my basement into a home theater. I was thinking about hanging posters of movies I enjoyed, but then Star Trek always popped up into my mind. So I decided to try decorating the room to please the child I once was. I remembered a dream I had then in which I was aboard the Starship. I thought that it would be fun and exciting to put some objects around to remind me of this time. But then I got trapped into it, and I began to expand the renovations.

Have you ever regretted the renovations in your basement?

No, never did I. First, all that I built, I can easily unbuild. I still enjoy taking a bath aboard or watching Sci-fi movies. I also am amazed that so many people around the world liked my pictures. I still can’t believe it! Even George Takei posted about it on his Facebook page.

Do you have any plans for additions to the Enterprise?

Not really! If ever I come across something that can be added I buy it. For now, I am satisfied with it.

What updates or changes have you made in the last three years?

I built another panel in the living room where I kind of replicated the bridge of the Enterprise. I moved Mr Spock’s quarters to another room. Those quarters are now a fully functional bedroom in which I sleep whenever I feel like it. I bought some props and some gadgets that I plan to place there. That’s about it.

If you could add another Star Trek place in your house, what it would be?

If I could, I would transform the laundry room similar to the engineering room. I can not add more here. If one day I buy another house I would love it to have a futuristic aspect. But I am getting too old now to dream about it.

And finally, what would you say to fans who are considering renovating their houses to showcase their love for Star Trek?

I would encourage them to follow their dream. It was not that hard for me to do so, and I don’t have many skills into construction. If any one has the talent to do it, and it is what would make them happy, then go for it. I had hard time in my life lately, and being connected with my childhood spirit there really helped me through it. What I realize now is that it is a shelter for me, a place where love, hope, friendship, and all those values carried by Star Trek universe are alive.

Having your own Enterprise to lift your spirits is something a lot of fans would enjoy. (I know I would!) It’s always amazing to me when fans put their dreams into action, and if living aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise would bring a little more joy to your life then why not? After all, it is your house and your dream.

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