Watch: New Michael Dorn game trailer for Star Trek: Legends

Star Trek: Legends. Image courtesy Tilting Point in partnership with ViacomCBS
Star Trek: Legends. Image courtesy Tilting Point in partnership with ViacomCBS /

A new trailer for Star Trek: Legends features Michael Dorn as Worf

Michael Dorn got everyone excited earlier this week when he tweeted out that he was returning to Star Trek to do something new with his iconic character Worf. Naturally, this got everyone guessing about a return to the television side of things, possibly s a cameo or his own series. Maybe even in his own new film, perhaps. Alas, that’s not what was for and it turned out it was for Star Trek: Legends, a new Apple game that can be downloaded now.

Currently, the game isn’t on any other platforms or mobile device services.

The trailer sees Dorn as a digitized Worf speaking to the player, telling them about the events that led everyone to that exact moment and how they can help. The premise of the game features Star Trek icons trapped in the Nexus, the same event from Star Trek: Generations.

In the game, the cast and crew are besieged by a group called the Dreamless, who kind of look like Batman’s The Scarecrow but with weirder hoods. The Dreamless are the main antagonist of the game, and they’re the villains because most of the iconic Star Trek baddies are going to be allies in the game.

The trailer features Klingons, the Gorn, and yes, even the Borg Queen as characters, though it seems like in some cases you’ll have to challenge certain characters to get them to join you. Other characters like Ricardo Montalban’s Khan Noonien Singh, and Sela are also seen throughout the game trailer, so it’s possible that the nondescript Cardassians may actually be characters we know like Gul Dukat.

The game is new and if you’re a fan of mobile gaming it may be worth your time, plus Michael Dorn is back as Worf and that’s at least something.

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