Star Trek expected to join Fortnite in newest season addition

Star Trek may be popping up in the seventh season of Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular games of the modern gaming world due to the unique setup of the franchise and the massive multiplayer format the game operates on. Originally designed as a fort-building game to be played offline, the game has since transitioned to fully online, using a multi-player format instead. The game was a mild hit before the online mode took off, and made it a smash hit. The change in focus of the game has allowed the brand to focus on different methods in maintaining a player base. A base that may now include fans of Star Trek.

Instead of just occasional updates or pushing out a new version of the game every year, Fortnite operates like a show would, with new content per season. In previous seasons you got to play with Thanos and saw famous dances be incorporated like Donald Faison’s dance from Scrubs.

Now it appears as though Star Trek is coming to Fortnite with the new season seven trailer.

From Forbes:

Star Trek

This one is a little more nebulous, but obviously Star Trek is full of famous aliens, and it’s one IP that has not made its way to Fortnite yet, which makes it a rarity. Again, there was another clue here. One of the messages in the secret puzzle yesterday spelled out “UNIVERSAL TRANSLATION MALFUNCTION” which is referenced in Star Trek Discovery, the currently-airing Star Trek series on Paramount Plus. So we may get a crossover with aliens from that series, potentially.

Besides those three, what other aliens might we see? It’s a long list, but I don’t have any outright hints for anyone else just yet. From comics, Martian Manhunter, the entire cast of The Eternals, Supergirl, Gamora, not from comics, Chewbacca, Optimus Prime, Mass Effect aliens, Destiny aliens, Halo aliens, uh, Alf? I don’t know. There’s a lot. But they’ve already done a bunch from Predator to the Xenomorph to Silver Surfer to Groot and others.

We should get another hint at 10 AM ET today, so maybe that will be a clue to a different alien. And of course, I expect aliens of Epic’s own design too, not just licensed ones. But I mean, they’re always doing licensed ones now, so I expect at least the three above.

A good way to get new fans into the franchise.

Older Star Trek fans may not get the hype of Fortnite but they don’t need to. If it can bring eyes to the product then that means good news for Star Trek. The brand isn’t in any danger of going extinct or even getting canceled as ViacomCBS has plans for the brand and service; that is as long as ViacomCBS sees Paramount+ as a viable option. More and more streaming services are falling away due to the cost it takes for them to operate.

It’s very likely that there will only be four or five major streaming services in a matter of years as more and more channels and companies opt to lease their content out as opposed to incurring the cost needed to run the streaming services.

The WWE, one of the earliest adopters to a full-digital channel, cut the chord on their own platform due to the costs involved. They aren’t the only ones, with Fox selling their share of Hulu to get out of the streaming game.

For fans of Paramount+, a partnership with Fortnite is only going to help generate interest in their brand and in the eyes of ViacomCBS, hopefully, interest in their streaming service as well.