Star Trek Watch: TrekCulture’s 10 Starfleet You Won’t Believe Exist

Star Trek Museum. Image by Chad Porto
Star Trek Museum. Image by Chad Porto /

There’s a Star Trek show here that needs to be made.

Did you know there’s a Starfleet sanctioned plumber? What about an elevator technician? Granted Starfleet has more dynamic names for these positions, but that’s exactly what they are. TrekCulture did a great job looking at some of the more unique and maybe even bizarre jobs on a given Starfleet vessel in the Star Trek universe.

The video looks at a number of jobs and even brings up the reasoning for them. Not all of the jobs may make sense in the world of Star Trek, at least not without a real good reasoning, but they’re all careers that make sense in a modern-day practical sense.

Some of these jobs would actually make for a great television series that isn’t just Star Trek pretending to be Rick and Morty.

Turn these jobs into a real show.

Who wouldn’t love to see a Star Trek series that takes a serious look at the crew members who aren’t featured on the bridge? Sure, the animated Lower Deck series does that to a degree, but not really. They’re not really in any one job, they’re just young crew members. We’re talking about a show that follows around the ship’s historian, librarian, court reporter, and a few other positions on the ship not often seen.

It’d be a treat to see the typical Star Trek angles and storylines from the perception of other assignments on the ship. Let’s follow a nurse who works in sickbay and only ever hear about the doctor through third-hand accounts of them. The same thing with the Captain, maybe all we hear from them is a disembodied voice that occasionally broadcasts announcements.

That would be a really interesting idea, to see how the ship actually works deeper into the chain of command. Do these characters have an officer they report directly to or receive orders directly from?

What about space battles? Let’s see how the ship’s historian handles an attack from a Starfleet enemy.

It’d be super interesting to see.

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