Simon Pegg of Star Trek is trying to launch a Galaxy Quest TV series

1999 Tim Allen stars in the new movie "Galaxy Quest." Photo Dreamworks
1999 Tim Allen stars in the new movie "Galaxy Quest." Photo Dreamworks /

Simon Pegg of Stra Trek fame is trying to launch a Galaxy Quest show.

Simon Pegg is as big of a Star Trek fan as they come in Hollywood. He’s been a consultant and actor on the most recent set of films, helping write some of the moments as well as playing Montgomery “Scotty” Scott. His fandom for Star Trek is part of the reason why he was brought on in the first place.

Now, according to Georgia Pritchett in an article for the U.K. Times, there are talks of Pegg and her working together to bring back Galaxy Quest in a televised format.

From (via the UK Times)

"And in a new interview, Emmy-winning writer/producer Georgia Pritchett revealed to the UK’s Times she is working on a television spinoff, with Simon Pegg."

Galaxy Quest was a satirical take on Star Trek, something Simon Pegg should excel at

Pegg wasn’t just discovered in time for Star Trek, but he had a long career in comedy beforehand. He made a name for himself in films like Shaun of the Dead, and really showed his knowledge about storytelling with all of his work as a writer for the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy; which Shaun of the Dead was a part of.

For those unfamiliar with Galaxy Quest, it starred Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver as actors who starred on a series called Galaxy Quest; a spoof of Star Trek. In the film, the two of them and the rest of their co-stars, get caught up in a real-life space war, where one side of the conflict has modeled their entire existence on the Galaxy Quest television series.

Feeling a sense of responsibility for the hapless aliens who believed their show was real, the television actors help their new alien friends fight back in a hilarious and unappreciated classic.

A sequel has been talked about for years now.

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