Star Trek Picard: John de Lancie confirms this is the end of the Picard vs. Q feud

John de Lancie has hinted at the Picard and Q feud ending with Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard is filming seasons two and three back to back in what should end the series. The show was always looked at as a limited-run series, so three seasons seems about right. To help cap off a potential conclusion, the series brought in John de Lancie to reprise his role as Q. de Lancie last appeared on Lower Decks in a cameo role. He alluded that he didn’t know if he’d ever return to live-action, as he’s aged but Q can’t. So to paraphrase him, how would that work?

Well, it worked quite well, as de Lancie claimed to be in six episodes of the next two seasons of the show It’s not clear if he’s in one season or another, or if he’s in both.

John de Lancie hints at Q and Picard ending their rivalry

Yet, it may not just be the end of the show, as de Lancie has taken to Cameo to hint at the Jean-Luc/Q rivalry finally coming to an end on the next season or two of Picard.

You are going to be seeing me soon on Picard. I come back – not in a walker, but close to it. It’s my final carryings on with Jean-Luc Picard.

Now, there are some that interrupted that rumor to mean that the character Q, that de Lancie is playing, will be coming to an end, and that may be possible as well. Yet, it’s very clear that this isn’t so much an end of Q specifically, though it may be, but an end to the rivalry that has shaped The Next Generation television series since it launched with Encounter at Farpoint.

If this is indeed the end of Q, the show, or the character Picard, let’s just hope that it’s a good ending.