The Kelvin Timeline of films should avoid using The Borg Queen

Star Trek: The Borg and Delta Quadrant. Image courtesy Hero Collector.
Star Trek: The Borg and Delta Quadrant. Image courtesy Hero Collector. /

A new article suggests using The Borg in the Kelvin Timeline.

Star Trek is known for its uniqueness across its brands. Each era is its own thing and has a unique feel to it. This has allowed the franchise to stay relevant and fresh from one generation to another. This falls apart, however, if you keep recycling past ideas and characters. Fans haven’t been too happy with the Kelvin Timeline of films, or the use of Spock in two of the Nu-Trek series. While there’s debate about the quality of the new films and shows, most fans would probably be against the idea of using The Borg Queen in a new Kelvin Star Trek show.

An idea of using her was pitched by CinemaBlend writer Mick Joest, who wrote an article that basically said “use all the Next Generation stars and Michael Burnham” in upcoming Kelvin films.

Truthfully, a terrible idea. If the excellent acting of Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t good enough to get people to love his take on Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, then forcing the Borg Queen into the next film would be a bad idea.

The Kelvin Timeline can’t keep borrowing from the Prime Timeline if they want to get fans into the films. That’s part of the issue with the films, is that they feel like retold stories to some, instead of being fresh new, and vibrant.

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Joest goes on to list Jean-Luc Picard, Data, Micheal Burnham, and Q as other names that the Kelvin Timeline should use. While the idea of a Next Generation-style Kelvin movie is intriguing just to see who’d get cast, most fans would probably reject such a notion. More of the same and whatnot.

With two films in the works, one being a fourth Kelvin Timeline film featuring Chris Pine and the rest of the cast, while the other being a brand spanking new property, the idea of forcing in Star Trek characters from The Next Generation into a new Kelvin film would just go over poorly.

More importantly, Burnham isn’t exactly anyone’s favorite character, and Star Trek: Discovery hasn’t exactly been the most appreciated show. It’d be wise to fail with a new Star Trek IP than to almost succeed by angering the fanbase and remaking a beloved property into something less than beloved.

There’s no need to see these characters in a Kelvin Timeline film. So don’t even bother trying.

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