Starship Captains brings Star Trek-like fun to board game form

Game fans try out table top games at the St. George Board Game convention Friday, Aug. 3, 2018.Stg 0804 Stg Con 17
Game fans try out table top games at the St. George Board Game convention Friday, Aug. 3, 2018.Stg 0804 Stg Con 17 /

Fans of Star Trek will want to keep an eye out for Starship Captains.

One of the things that fans have often cited when they talk about things Star Trek hasn’t gotten right all that often is its video and board game library. Yes, there are some true gems out there, and we’ve talked about them before, but the problem is most of those games are on the PC and not on consoles, and since a good portion of fans plays consoles over PCs, a good chunk of fans missed out.

As for the board games aspects, there are even fewer options for fans to sink their teeth into. So when there’s a chance to get in on a new Star Trek gaming experience, video, board, or otherwise, we try to spotlight it as best as possible. Even if it isn’t a Star Trek game, necessarily.

Enter Starship Captains, a game by Czech Games Edition (CGE), that offers players a chance tog explore the cosmos with a new board game that is steeped in Star Trek inspiration. The game is called Starship Captains and was designed by Peter B. Hoffgaard. It puts players in the Captain’s chair, leading your crew and dealing with all sorts of galactic threats.

According to, the game offers you the opportunity to develop and promote your own crew members, which includes cadets, ensigns, androids, and officers, mirroring very much the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew.

Not only is your crew upgradeable but so is your ship, as the game promises you the chance to improve the ship’s engine, while also boosting your reputation among the fleet and various other alien factions.

What are the details for Starship Captains?

According to information from, the game will take around 25 minutes to play depending on how many players you have, and that can range from 2 to 4 different players at once. The game will sell for $59.95 and is expected to be released around Christmas time (Quarter 4) this year.

The game will clearly resonate with Star Trek fans, so if you’re looking for a bit of variety in your board game fun, Starship Captains may be for you.

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