Eaglemoss LTD, creator of Star Trek ship models, files “Notice of Intention”

Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector
Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector /

Star Trek fans of Eaglemoss LTD are in store for a bad summer.

Eaglemoss LTD has been making replicas of popular science fiction starships for a bit now, and one of their biggest brands was Star Trek. The service was basically a monthly subscription outfit that would send starships to fans every month for a nominal fee.

While they kept producing new ships for fans to collect, it appears that things aren’t as good as they appeared. The brand, which also created other types of collectible vehicles for fans, recently submitted a “Notice of Intention”.  This is usually only done when a company has financial hardships and is having trouble paying its bills.

Greg Connell of Infolink Gazette was the first to report the struggles of Eaglemoss LTD. Since Infolink handles up-to-date information regarding commercial risk management, it’s fair to say that this is a viable source.

Assuming the assumption of their “Notice of Intention” is accurate, this means the company would either need to restructure its payments to vendors or be forced to close permanently and liquidate its assets to help offset its debt.

The closure of Eaglemoss would be a huge blow to Star Trek and sci-fi fans alike

The service didn’t just cater to Star Trek fans, but Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, classic car fans, historical fans, and more. They covered a broad spectrum of hobbies and have done well to do so.

According to Connell, the brand was able to peak at $80 million USD in a single year but has since fallen to about $37 million USD, which is where the issues are. As they license a lot of their creations, that means they have to pay out a share of their income to those companies as well, so while their numbers look impressive, it’s not an accurate view of what kind of profits they’re bringing in.

According to Daily Star Trek News, the service has suspended its customer service line and has pulled all of its digital listings from social media and eBay. They also claim that subscribers and other fans are concerned about their purchases and orders being fulfilled. This is particularly upsetting, especially for model builders, who were apparently getting parts shipped out to them on a monthly basis. That means that some fans who started building a singular model may never be able to finish it.

When we know more, we’ll update.

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