Star Trek advent calendar, com badges and more coming for fans

Game fans try out table top games at the St. George Board Game convention Friday, Aug. 3, 2018.Stg 0804 Stg Con 17
Game fans try out table top games at the St. George Board Game convention Friday, Aug. 3, 2018.Stg 0804 Stg Con 17 /

Star Trek has a lot of nifty things to collect.

The Star Trek brand is almost as well known for its collectibles as it is for its storytelling ability and franchise-defining aliens. The series is powered by a hardcore fanbase that loves to collect all sorts of Star Trek goodies.

We’re no different here at Red Shirts Always Die, as I have a series of Star Trek patches hanging up in my office as this is being typed. Am I going to purchase some of these pointless nicknacks? Dang straight, I am a fan after all.

So what items should you be keeping an eye out for?

Here are five new items you can start planning to purchase

EXO-6 figure of Jonathan Archer

(Source: TrekCore)

Our very own Rachel covered this Jonathan Archer figure in her earlier post, but we wanted to call attention to it one more time, simply because of how incredible it looks. It’s Scott Bakula, in a 1:6 scale replica. Heck yes, you should definitely get this for the holiday season. And by holiday season I mean now. It costs $205, comes with a mini Porthos (two for one!), and is going to be available at the end of the year. (No set date yet)

Star Trek badges

(Source: TrekCore)

If you ever wanted to get your hands on the Picard Confederation Badge, the Future Imperfect Admiral Badge, or the Protostar badge from Star Trek: Prodigy, you now can. The three of them should cost around $20 per item. You can also get the Bajoran Militia badge, as well as the classic Star Trek badge designs with specific divisions. All of these can be found at Fansets.

Star Trek coins

(Source: TrekCore)

If you’re more of a coin fan, Fansets also has a 12 coin-set, for $119.95, and is limited to 200 releases only.

Advent Calendar

(Source: TrekCore)

Do you want an advent calendar that doesn’t suck? Well, Numskull has the thing for you. It’s an Enterprise-D advent calendar that you build across the 24 days of Christmas. That’s right, instead of getting dumb, goofy stuff, each day you open a new item, you get a piece to your ship. It is $89.99 and comes in nice packaging worth displaying.

DISCOVERY Season 4 Soundtrack

(Source: TrekCore)

Want the official musical score of Star Trek: Discovery’s fourth season? You can purchase the digital release of the album right here.

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