There’s no need to do another Star Trek: The Next Generation movie

1996 Patrick Stewart stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact".
1996 Patrick Stewart stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact". /

The folks of Star Trek: The Next Generation are pitching movies and shows and we’re good.

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will reunite for the final season of Star Trek: Picard. For some, like Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart, and Jonathan Frakes, this is just another day for them. Especially Frakes, who, unlike his castmates, never left the Trek franchise. Then others, like LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, and Michael Dorn, this is their return to the franchise.

Well, not so much for McFadden, who returned on Star Trek: Prodigy in a cameo. But more or less this is the return of several names and a reunion of the entire cast. Even if Spiner is playing his fourth or fifth or twelfth character by now.

So when talk of spinoffs, sequel series, and another film came up, everyone seemingly was all over it. As we wrote about previously (Via TrekMovie), the group got together at the New York Comic Con and talked about future plans and everyone started pitching ideas.

"Sirtis: Who knows?McFadden: I would love it to go on forever. It would be fun.Frakes: Yeah, we are not dead yet.Sirtis: We are not dead, just old.Patrick: And just in case… I know there are some Paramount+ people here and also from Paramount Pictures, we could still make a movie.Frakes: I understand there is a Star Trek slot in the Paramount menu, if you will… an open slot.Spiner: As long as Paramount+ are here, I wouldn’t mind having my own series."

And let me be the first to say; no more.

It’s time to leave Star Trek: The Next Generation and its cast alone

You’re going to have a hard time pitching a show of 60 and 70-year-old-somethings running around the galaxy fighting villains. You’re going to have an especially hard time considering that the sheen is off the cast these days, thanks to some monumentally bad scriptwriting for Picard.

The fandom is done with the TNG series, due to how poorly it’s been handled these last few years. To force fans to sit through more subpar shows and films that just tarnish the reputation of the series is too much to ask them to endure.

If you do a series set after Picard and want to bring in Burton or Dorn or whomever, sure. But it needs to be new characters, pushing the story forward. You can’t keep hammering fans with nostalgia. Just look at Star Wars, eventually, nostalgia runs out and fans just want something to end.

Give fans what they want, a truly authentic Star Trek show, but give us new characters. Not hard.

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