Did Star Trek 4 cause the Star Trek: Mission Seattle event to be canceled?

Star Trek: Mission has canceled the 2023 Seattle event.

Star Trek fans in Seattle are going to be disappointed, as the Star Trek: Mission event for May 2023 has been canceled. The event was going to be hosted by ReedPop, and the event was going to be for May 26 through May 28 and would’ve featured a gaggle of Star Trek personalities.

The event had been radio silent for months, however, leading many fans to wonder what was going on with the Seattle convention. This was a big issue in the Trek fandom, as the “Mission” events, hosted by ReedPop were actually officially licensed by Paramount and the Star Trek brand.

So their shows would have featured a lot of rather large names and impressive news. The Chicago event featured the premier of a Lower Decks teaser trailer, panels featuring all four of the shows, and a really impressive costume display for fans to check out.

So it was rather surprising that the Mission event got canceled.

Was Star Trek: Mission Seattle canceled due to the collapse of Star Trek 4?

Considering Mission  Chicago did such a great job hyping up the 2022 slate of shows, it’s fair to say that the Missin Seattle event had larger aspirations. After all, had everything been on track as it should’ve been, Mission Seattle would’ve had the cast and crew of Trek 4 right around the time filming would’ve ended on the project.

Centering the event around the film likely seems the most logical of ideas. With the film being canceled, it was unlikely that the event organizers felt they had enough to build the event around. After all, Picard is ending and Discovery may not get another season, meaning nearly half of the slate from the Chicago event is likely in jeopardy of not being around in 2023.

Yet, Lower Decks, Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds all getting air time alongside Star Trek 4? That would’ve been a sizeable enough experience to justify the time and money needed to hold the event. With a limited offering of events, however, one can understand why the event was canceled.

It’s just a theory but it goes to show you just how possible it is to damage a franchise with the loss of one major project.

For fans who are hoping to travel into the land of Star Trek next year, Creation Entertainment is still holding their event, the 57-Year Mission Las Vegas Convention from Aug 3-Aug 6 at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, and if you’d rather experience a more unique event, the Star Trek Cruise is still set for Feb 24. 2023.

Tickets should still be on sale for both.