There’s no need to do a Star Trek: Voyager revival at this point

LOS ANGELES FILM PREMIERE: 'STAR TREK: VOYAGER' (Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES FILM PREMIERE: 'STAR TREK: VOYAGER' (Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images) /

There’s a new rumor that Star Trek: Voyager could get a sequel series.

Star Trek: Voyager has long been an underappreciated series in the canon of Star Trek. Originally the staple of the United Paramount Network (UPN), Voyager was seen as a big deal by the folks at Paramount and it got the big-deal treatment. Featuring Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryne Janeway, the series served as a soft reboot to the Star Trek fandom.

Creatures put a brand new ship, with new characters, in a brand new part of space where the stories can be unattached from the events of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, without it being entirely separate from it.

It did well during its’ initial airing despite the Trek market being oversaturated, but after it finished airing, it developed a rough reputation from some in the fandom who saw it as inferior, despite it having a catalog of great episodes it can hold up to any other series.

In recent years, the tone of Voyager has changed, and it’s now developed a much better reputation. So much so that its characters are being used in abundance among Nu Trek shows. Janeway returned in Prodigy, Tom Paris returned in Lower Decks, Tuvok and Seven of Nine in Picard, and there’s apparently more on the way.

There’s a new rumor from Giant Freaking Robot that claims there’s a “Voyager revival” in the works, and while they have a track record of hitting on some things, they’re not always right.

Despite this, it’d be best to leave Voyager in the past.

There should be no more revival shows coming to Star Trek

Watching Picard has made one thing abundantly clear, there’s no more need to do revival shows. They rely too heavily on nostalgia, and if Star Wars most recent trilogy taught us one thing, it’s that nostalgia-heavy properties quickly burn out.

Just look at the Mandolorian, after the hype around a tiny, 80-year-old muppet died down, everyone realized the show’s pretty mid. Some have even declared that it’s jumped the shark with its most recent episode, featuring cameos from Lizzo and Jack Black.

Star Trek was once a trendsetter in science fiction, but since Discovery launched, they’ve tried to take everyone else’s ideas as their own. Doing more nostalgia-themed shows would just be copying Star Wars at this point and they need to avoid doing that.

And this is coming from someone who considers Voyager the best the Star Trek franchise has to offer.

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