Star Trek: Legacy has little in common with Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Legacy have very little in common

Star Trek: Legacy is a proposed show about the next generation of characters from the Next Generation series. The sons and daughters of Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher, Will Riker, Deanna Troi, LeVar Burton, and maybe even Data, all flying about the galaxy with Seven of Nine possibly involved. The series would feature Jack Crusher, the son of Picard, as he explores his own namesake and identity in a vast and never-ending galaxy.

Discovery was, well not about that. Yet, there are fans out there who are trying to correlate the two entities as similar, if not very much the same, and that perplexes me, as that sort of defeats the purpose of the Nu Trek era.

The Nu Trek era is about new shows, with new characters in new settings that don’t feel or look like one another, so if Legacy was supposed to be similar to Discovery, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the show?

Yes, yes it does.

Trying to say they’re at all similar not only is wrong but it defeats the purpose of having so many different shows on at once.

Star Trek: Legacy and Star Trek: Discovery are not alike and that’s a good thing

Discovery and Legacy, besides having a female captain, have very little in common. And more to the point, why would you want them to have anything in common? If they were so much alike, what would be the purpose of watching both? There’s only so much of the same story one can handle before people get tired.

It happened with the Arrowverse, it’s happening with Star Wars and we’re about three years past that for Marvel. It’ll eventually happen to Star Trek, as it already happened once before in the early 2000s, but you can expedite the process by putting out too much of the same product.

While Star Trek should always feel like Star Trek with its central mission of proposing dynamic thought exercises, it should always do it in ways that are vastly different from one another. Trying to make Legacy too much like Discovery will not only hinder Legacy, due to how poor Discovery was received by the fanbase, but also because fans need something fresh and new.

Not giving them enough fresh content will cause the franchise to go stale.