Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Echoes comic is getting rave reviews

Star Trek fans who loved The Motion Picture would be wise to pick up this new comic.

Star Trek The Motion Picture is not seen in the best light. It’s a visually stunning film, but it got away from the interpersonal dynamic that made the original series so popular. It’s no surprise they went back to that format for Wrath of Khan. Yet, you may want to go back and re-watch the Motion Picture to get ready for this new comic, Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Echoes.

The new miniseries features the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise after the events of the first movie, in fact immediately after. According to Daily Star Trek’s T. Rick Jones, the issue is “incredibly well-written and paced” by long-time comic writer Marc Guggenheim. The art, done by Oleg Chudakov, is credited for improving the character’s attire, upgrading the uniforms from the all-white and gray look, with deeper blue and yellows, that apparently harken back to the original series’ look.

Daily Star Trek wasn’t the only one to rave about the art as Matt Sernaker of Comic Book Review also had positive things to say about Chudakov’s work, saying;

The coloring from Alonso felt perfectly aligned with the color tones from The Motion Picture, grounding this story further for Star Trek fans.

TrekCentral also spoke volumes about the book, saying;

As admittedly biased as I am, it’s a lovely setup, filled with all sorts of visual nods to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. As cool as the whole story is, it’s so fulfilling to see those underused uniforms getting such an action-packed multiverse story. This is a Star Trek story not to be missed, with a lot of potential to be my favorite comic yet!

Should you get the new Trek comic; Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Echoes?

Everyone is different but a lot of very well-regarded Trek and comic book fans seem to think this comic is the bee knees, but there is one parallel that every review had that I left out on purpose; this is a comic book you’re really only going to like if you like the original film.

While the books isn’t as slow-paced as the film, its entire plot is based on the events of the Motion Picture, and so if you’re not a big fan of the first ever Trek film, it’s very likely you won’t appreciate the comic as much.