Star Trek: Infinite is an upcoming strategy game fans will want to check out

Star Trek: Infinite is a new PC game for fans of the franchise.

It’s been a while since Star Trek has had this many games in the pipeline and coming out at once; barring mobile games that is. With the recent release of Star Trek Resurgence, and last year’s Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova, fans have been getting their dose of Trek goodness on the gaming front.

Not to mention the constant new content for the MMORPG Star Trek Online that is constantly dropping. It’s fair to say that the brand is in a new era for the development of games for the franchise. While Supernova and Resurgence weren’t the best-reviewed properties ever, they were good enough to entertain Trek fans.

So we don’t have any doubts that the newest game offering is going to succeed. Entitled Star Trek: Infinite, the new game is coming from Nimble Giant Entertainment and is going to debut soon, at least according to Steam.

What do we know about Star Trek: Infinite

We don’t know much about Infinite, but it looks to be some type of real-time strategy game akin to Age of Empires. Usually, Nimble Giant Entertainment sticks to MMORPGs, shooters, or arena combat games, and Infinite looks unlike anything else the brand has to offer on Steam. There’s no word yet on what kind of online multiplayer it’ll have if has any.

The premise of the game sees you smack dab in the middle of the Next Generation era of Trek and allows a lot of versatility in how you play through that timeframe.

Whether it’s the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, or Cardassian Union, you will take on the role of the leader in charge of all the major decisions of the faction as the game unfolds. With each choice having their own civics and ethics and styles of play, your decisions will matter for how successful you will be in reaching your goals.


There are storyline quests, different playable factions, and seemingly a lot of replayability. We’re not sure when the game launches, but you can keep up with it on its official website.