Star Trek Fleet Command to shake things up for 5th anniversary

Star Trek Fleet Command Launches Fifth Anniversary Celebration. Image courtesy Star Trek Fleet Command
Star Trek Fleet Command Launches Fifth Anniversary Celebration. Image courtesy Star Trek Fleet Command /

Star Trek Fleet Command’s fifth anniversary is here.

Star Trek Fleet Commander has been entertaining fans for five years now, and in 2023, fans can expect a celebration of the game. According to a press release, the game is “embarking on a three-month long celebration”, which began on Star Trek Day on Sept. 8, 2023. Between now and the end of November, fans of the video game can expect contests, “experiences”, giveaways, and more for those who play the game.

This extravaganza of sorts will see fans rewarded with things both in-game and real-world. So you can expect get-togethers and in-game activities to pop up over the coming weeks and months. As the press release for the fifth anniversary states, this is to “celebrate the dedicated player community who has made the award-winning, massively-multiplayer online game endure and thrive”.

The presser also hints that the future of the game will be revealed in the coming weeks, likely new events for fans to enjoy.

One of the things that fans can get excited about is a new sweepstakes. Fans can enter the competition now, with the winner getting a trip to fly to Los Angeles, and attend a screening of Star Trek: First Contact while at the Paramount filming lot. But you only have until Sept. 25 to enter.

Learn more about the contest here.

That’s not all for fans of Star Trek Starfleet Command

Starting in October, all players will begin got receive a “bespoke” personalized look back for their in-game avatar commander achievements. This is being to highlight how each player has engaged in the game in unique and different ways while leaving “their own stamp” on the game’s universe.

The game’s official website has more details about the upcoming event;

"It’s been 5 years since the beginning of Star Trek Fleet Command. Throughout these five years, you’ve valiantly captained your crew, navigated the vast cosmos and ventured into uncharted strange new worlds. To celebrate our collective expedition and the exceptional contributions from all explorers, we’ve assembled an array of exciting events.These momentous festivities shall span the galaxy, encompassing both real life activities and immersive in-game experiences. We cordially invite every player to participate in these celebrations, with a variety of rewards waiting to be claimed. Be sure to check back here and on community channels as we will continue to unveil the latest news all things 5th Year Anniversary."

You can play the game on any Android, macOS, iOS, Microsoft Windows, or Mac operating system, and is a free game to play, though you can purchase items in the game.

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