This is the best team for the future of Star Trek

Star Trek Explorer #8 courtesy of Titan Books
Star Trek Explorer #8 courtesy of Titan Books /

Star Trek is moving forward with a new series and a streaming movie for Paramount+.

Though Paramount+ has been touted as the home for Star Trek, it hasn’t kept a door open for all of the properties, cancelling both Star Trek: Prodigy and Star Trek: Discovery. And the Section 31 series has morphed into a streaming movie, and there’s concern that this might be the last season of Star Trek: Lower Decks.

While it could be that Paramount+ wants to eliminate all animation and, in an attempt to keep the cost down, cancel one of the longer running series, it still doesn’t change the fact that things are quite as steady as they’re supposed to be at the home of Trek, but a really great, strong team could change that.

Star Trek needs a new team to keep the franchise going and appeal to all the fans.

While Strange New Worlds is making strides as a popular fan favorite, it could very well be the only series left standing if Lower Decks gets the axe. And before bringing in another series, perhaps it’s time for Paramount to consider bringing in a new team to lead the franchise into the next decade. There’s an obvious choice for that team.

Terry Matalas brought back remnants of The Next Generation, one of the most popular series in its time, and he has proposed another series, Star Trek: Legacy that could continue to bring in legacy characters while establishing the groundwork for better forward momentum. As an accomplished showrunner, writer, and producer, he’s bound to bring more viewers back to Paramount+.

Meanwhile, Aaron Waltke, the executive producer of Prodigy, not only wrote two of the best episodes of the series (and the best Very Short Trek), he clearly knows what the fans want as he interacts with them and listens to them as well as actors from the previous series. Already an Emmy winner, he’s one of the top choices for an executive producer and screenwriter.

And finally, there’s Jonathan Frakes. Both an actor and a director for Trek, Frakes knows the franchise. He is a versatile director who can switch from one series to another seamlessly, and he knows what the fans want. He’s especially behind Legacy. Having him as a director of the next series would be a definite win.

These three together would make for powerhouse leadership for the franchise and could revitalize it moving forward. They’ve already proven they know what it takes to make Star Trek successful.

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