Get ready for Star Trek Displates at a discount for Black Friday!

Lower Decks displate. Image courtesy
Lower Decks displate. Image courtesy /

Do you know about Displates and that they create beautiful steel posters for Star Trek fans?

So what exactly are Displates and how does Star Trek factor into this? Displates are beautifully designed, unique metal collectible posters, and they’re available for just about every fan, especially Trekkies.

And between November 10-12, Displate is offering an early Black Friday discount of 30% off one metal poster or 36% off two or more metal posters. The code to use at checkout to secure these deals is BLACK.

star Trek
star Trek /

Of course, before you consider this deal, you want to know more about these things. Well, you can check out some of the gorgeous designs for Trek fans ike the Enterprise NX-01 BlueprintStar Trek Classic tributeswarp speed artLower DecksStrange New Worlds, favorite characters like this great one of Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock, and much more.

Head on over to and type in Star Trek in the search bar. Currently, there are well over 300 pieces of art available, and that doesn’t include the comic collectibles or the speciality ones for the movies.

Star Trek
Star Trek /

The plates are so easy to put up on your wall, and they won’t damage it, either. You can change out the Displate posters as often as you like based on what you want to see that week or month. These metal posters come in sizes ranging from 17.7×12.6” to 35.4×25.2” and start at $49, but with the Black Friday discount, you’ll pay less than $35 for the smallest size.

Once again, we’re close to that time where I’m saying these are perfect gifts for Star Trek fans. And there are many more options available besides Trek. There are steel posters for sports, gaming, comics, Friends, and even Taylor Swift! Displate has officially licensed artworks from over 200 brands. So you’ll probably be able to find something for every one on your Christmas list!

Don’t forget! The sale starts on November 10th and ends November 12th.

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