Star Trek fans, get great Black Friday deals on Displates

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Displate is giving amazing discounts for Black Friday that every Star Trek fan will want to get in on!

I previously wrote about and how they have these amazing steel pieces of art that are expertly painted and perfect for over 200 fandoms, especially Star Trek. Now that we’re closing in on Thanksgiving, the Black Friday deals are coming out, and Displate has even more discounts if you missed the first window of opportunity.

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Beginning today, November 17th and running through November 26th, using the code BLACK, you can nab these deals!

33% off one to two Displates
37% off three to four Displates
41% off five or more Displates

This means you can get the smallest of the Displates for less than $33.00! And that is an amazing price for a Christmas gift.

Star Trek
Displates are perfect for Star Trek fans and those who love high quality art. /

These are premium metal posters that any collector will want, especially if you’re looking to dedicate a room to your favorite series. You don’t even have to hang them on the wall because Displate sells these stands which are designed to hold two medium-sized or one large-sized poster.

Whether you’re looking for your favorite character like Captain Kathryn Janeway or Captain Benjamin Sisko, or you want to highlight your favorite series, Displate is there for you. (One of my favorites is the Prodigy poster which includes the full crew of the Protostar, including Admiral Janeway.) Yes, they even have Star Trek: Enterprise available with a poster for Captain Archer.

With comic posters and retro designs you might even want to keep for yourself, you can let everyone who visits your home or office know just how far your love of Trek goes, in case they had any doubts. Remember, though, this sale only runs through November 26th!

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