Season 2 of Star Trek: Prodigy has been completed

Pictured: Art for Star Trek: Prodigy . Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved.
Pictured: Art for Star Trek: Prodigy . Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved. /

Star Trek: Prodigy season one will release on Netflix on December 25.

But what about the second season of the series? When will it appear on the streaming channel? We know it’s in 2024, but there’s been no announced date as of yet. What we do now is that production of the twenty-episode second season is complete and ready to go, according to executive producer Aaron Waltke and creators Kevin and Dan Hageman.

The Hagemans shared on Twitter/X on December 13 that the final episode of Prodigy had been mixed. They talked about how proud they were of the five incredible years of work from their team that has gone into the series. The post was retweeted by Waltke after he’d already posted his own comment. The EP said he’d just gotten misty-eyed mixing the season two finale of Prodigy, adding “an emotional rollercoaster. The turning of chapters. Honor. Wonder. The everlasting journey. You are not prepared.”

The first part of the season two trailer was shared back in September and introduced Robert Picardo returning as the EMH from Star Trek: Voyager. So we already have a hint at what’s to come, but Waltke’s tweet telling us we’re not prepared ups the excitement level.

Star Trek: Prodigy deserves this second chance that Netflix is giving.

The #savestartrekprodigy campaign revealed just how many fans the animated series has, and the fans were a driving force behind Netflix’s acquisition of the Star Trek property. Though, for now, we’re only guaranteed to be able to see season two, if the viewing numbers are good, there’s a high chance Netflix will continue the series for another season (or more). So make sure you tune in, if not on Christmas Day, then at least that week if you can.

If you’re an international fan and not sure if Prodigy will be airing in your country this Christmas, Waltke advises you to go to Netflix and search for the series. A reminder will pop up if it’s available. If not, it’s possible a local channel might be airing it in your area so be on the lookout for it!

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