3 major names have been added to Star Trek: Starfleet Academy's cast

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy has just announced three new names.
"Wolf Pack" Premiere
"Wolf Pack" Premiere / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is coming together. Announced on July 9, the new show, aimed at a younger audience, has just added three major names to the cast. Each name is mostly unheard of by the masses, but it's very likely these will be the three core characters we'll be following around. Added to the cast are Kerrice Brooks, Bella Shepard, and George Hawkins.

Brooks is a name many may not know, but she's got a sizeable role in the upcoming film "My Old Ass", as well as being a performer in music videos involving Billie Elish and Kelly Rowland. For Shepard, she's coming off of one Paramount+ project already, "Wolf Pack". Also relatively unknown, Paramount Global had big hopes for her, as she was a leading name in the series, but the series was ultimately canceled. Lastly, we have Hawkins, whose biggest role to date is probably "Tell Me Everything", where he appeared in six of the 12 episodes.

The trio of young stars don't have any roles yet, but we have to assume they'll be playing the core cadet characters for the upcoming series.

They're not alone, after all. Paul Giamatti and Holly Hunter are also on board with the cast. Hunter is the lead of the series, playing the head of the Academy. She'll likely take on a Kathryn Janeway role, similar to hers on Star Trek: Prodigy. Giamatti is set to be the series' villain for season one. He's rumored to have ties to one of the main youngsters, but what binds them hasn't been revealed (for obvious reasons).

The show is the next one in the shoot for Paramount as they look to reshuffle things following the Paramount Global merger with Skydance. The two sides will likely look to continue all current productions, so it's unlikely that Starfleet Academy will get axed while in production.