Starfleet Academy and Star Trek: Prodigy are not in competition with one another


Starfleet Academy, the upcoming newest Star Trek series, will focus on teens working their way through the Academy, on their way to become officers in Starfleet. Star Trek: Prodigy, which will air its second season on Netflix on July 1st, is an animated series geared toward younger viewers who are still finding their way in life. Though Dal and his crew have now decided they want to be in Starfleet Academy, they weren't accepted at the end of season one so season two will focus on their work aboard Voyager-A with Admiral Janeway and The Doctor as their mentors.

While some, like Screenrant writer Mark Donaldson, might feel these two series are in direct competition with one another, the storylines are different enough to keep them wholly apart. And while the two series will air on different streaming channels, leading to a question of "which one will do better," I think the fact that they are not streaming at the same time or date will actually be a benefit to both.

Starfleet Academy has not yet begun to film while Prodigy is set and ready to go for season two in less than a month. All twenty episodes of Prodigy will drop on July 1st so there will be enough time between its season two and the beginning of Starfleet Academy to give fans something to look forward to.

There is some concern that Starfleet Academy might "pale in comparison" to Prodigy, but that could already be the case even if season two of Prodigy wasn't getting set to air now as we've already seen what season one brought to the table.

Honestly, though, with one being animated and one live-action, the differences will be strong enough so that fans won't have compare the two, especially since Starfleet Academy will be set in the 32nd century. There are bound to be vast differences between how the academy functions in the 24th century to how it will function 800 years in the future.

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