3 of the biggest up and coming stars from the current crop of Star Trek series

Star Trek has produced some of the biggest names
Tastemaker Reception & Screening for Paramount+'s “Star Trek: Prodigy”
Tastemaker Reception & Screening for Paramount+'s “Star Trek: Prodigy” / Jesse Grant/GettyImages
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Ella Purnell (Prodigy)

When Ella Purnell took the role of Gwyndala on Prodigy, she had a fairly big role in Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead movie, but she wasn't the starring lead. While she owned the scenes she was in, this was a Dave Bautista film through and through. So landing on Prodigy was a big next step for her. She joined a great cast of young talent, who at the start of the show, realistically rivaled her in talent and breakout possibilities. Brett Gray was the lead of the show and earned that with his portrayals of Dal, while Angus Imrie was finding his own voice as Zero.

Not to mention how endearing Rylee Alazraqui was as Rok-Tahk. The up-and-comers on the cast were terrific, but over time, Purnell just pulled away. She cemented herself as the one to watch recently with her role on Yellowjackets, and then her eventual pivot into the Fallout series.

While she had found success before 2024, it was this year when her turn in Fallout would take over the internet. Her performance, the show as a whole, and the general attention to detail rocketed the show to the most talked about series the spring had to offer.

It's very likely that at this current rate, Purnell will be carrying far more than just a handful of projects.