Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating talk the future of The Shuttlepod Show

Gabe Ginsberg/GettyImages

The Shuttlepod Show debuted two years ago with Star Trek: Enterprise stars Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating at the helm . The podcast introdruced actors and crew from various Star Trek series, including director David Livingston, Garrett Wang, Dan Curry, Robert Picardo, and James Darren to name a few. The show concluded its second season on December 17, 2023 with George Takei, and on December 21, Keating announced on his Instagram page that he would be leaving the podcast. Trinneer followed suit with the same announcement on February 26th. He added, though, that the show would not continue in its "current iteration." So, as far as fans knew, the show was gone for good. That might not be the case, though.

Star Trek: Enterprise held a panel at the ST-SF convention in San Francisco last weekend, according to Trekmovie, with Keating and Trinneer in attendance. And they addressed the elephant in the room—The Shuttlepod Show. And it seems the show may be back after all.

"“As you know The Shuttlepod Show—let’s address the elephant in the room—has had to go away in its current iteration for Hollywood reasons. But we are talking about bringing it back. I think we’ll be back within six to eight weeks or something like that. So please watch that space… It was just untenable in its current status, that’s as much as I can say. But I hope you can forgive that and come and support us again when we reemerge like a phoenix rising out of the ashes.”"

Dominic Keating

Keating said the show had to go away "in its current iteration for Hollywood reasons," but that they were talking about bringing it back, possibly in six or eight weeks. They, presumably meaning Keating and Trinneer, were having serious conversations with people about bringing the show back, but whether or not that would happen, Trinneer just said "wait and see." Keating did add that, if the show does return, it might have a different name, and that the show itself would be different. So while this isn't a "set in stone" type of response, at least we know there is some hope for The Shuttlepod Show or its renamed successor.

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