Connor Trinneer tells fans to get over Trip Tucker's death

Star Trek: Enterprise fans still aren't over Trip Tucker's death, and his actor is telling us to move on.

Star Trek: Mission New York - Day 1
Star Trek: Mission New York - Day 1 / Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

Star Trek: Enterprise boldly opted to kill off, arguably, the series' most beloved character Charles "Trip" Tucker in the series finale. For some reason, the writers thought that'd go over well. The show was ending, everyone was leaving the show, this wasn't like it was just Tucker's actor Connor Trinneer leaving the show. Then we'd understand.

Yet, after the backlash to killing off beloved characters on The Next Generation (Tasha Yar) and Deep Space Nine (Jadzia Dax), you'd think that Enterprise would've learned their lesson. Nope. So Trip is dead, we're all sad, but at least Trinneer is on our side, right?


Speaking at an event during the Star Trek Cruise, Trinneer, alongside fellow Enterprise actor John Billingsley, Trinneer got candid with the crowd. As Billingsley, who played Doctor Phlox on Enterprise, MC'ed the event, the topic of Trip's death came up. Surprisingly just about everyone, it was Trinneer who told the crowd to "get over it".

Now, we weren't there, it sounds like it was a more humorous take on the event, but it was one of the worst decisions ever made by the show and it's one that fans still to this day cite as a reason, and often the most major reason, that the show's finale was truly terrible.

Though, we can see where Trinneer is coming from. There's something to be said about closing out a story of a character. He got to ride that wave from the pilot to the finale, and his story is wrapped up nicely and neatly. Until they decide to reboot it in an alternate universe, that is. Now, would Enterprise ever be the backdrop for a Kelvin timeline film? Who knows. With so many rumors it's hard to keep up with them but we're pretty sure the next film won't feature the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise.

And if it does? Well, we'll take Trinneer's advice and "get over it".