Do fans agree that it's time for Star Trek to let Jean-Luc Picard rest?


Before Star Trek: Picard season three ended, fans were already hoping for either a continuation of the series or a spin-off that included the legacy characters, including Admiral Jean-Luc PIcard. Recently, Patrick Stewart said he was awaiting a script for a movie which, presumably, is another PIcard tale. And while many fans are excited at the thought of watching another journey with Picard, some think it's time for Picard to take to the bench.

In a Den of Geek article, the writer indicates that after seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and all the other times Stewart has been onscreen as Picard, it's unclear what more we could learn about this character. And that's certainly a fair assessment. There have been others who've thought that it's time to move beyond the past and focus more on the future and new characters. And, after the Den of Geek article was posted in a Star Trek reddit, there were many comments that agreed with the writer. Although there were a few dissenters, for the most part, readers wanted the focus to shift to newer characters.

Though some clearly have an issue with Stewart's age, others simply think that he's done all he can, and it's time for the Star Trek story to proceed without Admiral Picard. As a writer, I understand that characters need arcs in a story, an inner transformation that viewers can see come to life. But every transformation doesn't have to be monumental. And Picard still has a rich history. Given his age, we couldn't have possibly learned everything there is to know about the character.

This is a difficult subject given the popularity of Stewart's Picard. For every one hundred fan who is ready to see the character retire from the public view, there are hundreds more who would watch him in movie after movie and even in another series. And whether or not Star Trek chooses to produce another movie or series with Stewart as the lead, fans have the option not to watch. So while some fans might not want to see more of Picard, there are plenty that still do, and Paramount will certainly play to its audience. If the majority is saying "make the movie as I'll watch it," the movie will get made, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Retiring Jean-Luc Picard from screen after this latest resurgence of popularity doesn't seem to be the wisest course of action for the studio...even if some fans don't agree.

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