Every Star Trek: Voyager character who will be appearing on Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy is bringing in a trio of classic heroes.
Photo: Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special.. Image Courtesy Titan Comics
Photo: Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special.. Image Courtesy Titan Comics /

Star Trek: Prodigy launches into action on July 1, bringing its second season to the masses. The first of which to air on Netflix. It's a major opportunity for the series and will provide fans with hours of endless entertainment as it brings the core cast of season one back into action with a variety of new issues, characters, and adventures.

One of those series leads is Kate Mulgrew, returning for another spin as Kathryn Janeway, now an Admiral. She debuted in the first season of the series, playing an Emergency Command Hologram, designed to look and act like the former Captain Janeway. The same captain of the Voyager that Star Trek fans got to see for seven seasons on UPN.

Getting Mulgrew back was a huge get for the series, as she remains one of the most consistent characters in Star Trek and one of the most popular actresses that's ever graced the Federation's command red.

Who else is going to pop up?

Admiral Kathryn Janeway

We know that Mulgrew is back as Janeway, but unlike in season one where she split her time between characters, it appears as though she'll just be playing one this season. Admiral Kathryn Janeway, hero of the Delta Quadrant. Her return to the franchise in this animated form has given her a chance to not only stretch her legs once again as a member of Starfleet but also allowed her to work in tandem with the younger stars of the series.

Captain Chakotay

The last time we saw Chakotay on Voyager, he was flirting with Seven of Nine and being the best second-in-command he could be to Janeway. Now, he's in control of his ship. Or, was, more accurately. The former captain of the Protostar has found himself lost in time, needing help from his former captain and best friend to get him home. As with Mulgrew, Robert Beltran will be back in the saddle, reprising his role from Voyager. This Chakotay seems older, a bit more wise, and far more animated.

The Doctor

Joining Mulgrew and Beltran will be Voyager alum Robert Picardo, who will reprise his role as The Doctor. It's unknown how much The Doctor will be in season two, as it could just be a cheeky cameo in episode one, but his return was praised by the fandom at large. Arguably one of, if not the most popular characters from the series, The Doctor will once again attempt to help out Janeway and the others, this time by looking after some of the cadets under her charge.