Is Terry Farrell returning to the screen as a demon in The Glass Mind?

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Terry Farrell spent six wonderful seasons playing the Trill Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, only departing the series when she could not reduce her part to a semi-regular or recurring status. The death of her character still doesn't sit well with diehard Deep Space Nine fans, and there has always been a call to bring her back to Star Trek in some form, especially now that there are plenty of other iterations available. So far that hasn't happened, but recent news from Deadline reveals that Farrell will star in the upcoming horror feature, The Glass Mind.

Written, directed, and produced by S.J. Creazzo, the movie sounds a lot like one of Creazzo's other productions, My Little Demon, from 2012. In The Glass Mind, a psychologist, who claims to be the first demon, offers a young mother a terrifying opportunity. The plot for My Little Demon, according to IMDB, reads as follows:

"A young woman's psychologist turns out to be the Devil and makes the woman an offer she can't refuse. Murder an innocent person and her long deceased daughter will be returned to her, from Hell."

IMDB synopsis

Should Farrell turn out to be the demon in the movie, it will be a sharp turn from the parts she normally plays. Farrell is returning to the screen after a five year absence, and while Star Trek fans should be excited about seeing her again, an evil character might be hard to stomach as Jadzia Dax was the epitome of goodness and kindness. Yes, it's just acting, and we don't know for certain which part she will play, so we'll wait with unease about her particular role in this horror movie. But we'll also be glad to see her again in any acting capacity! Now if only Star Trek could reach out to her...

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