It's likely Michelle Yeoh won't do much Star Trek after Section 31

Michelle Yeoh is in demand.
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Michelle Yeoh is having a career renaissance. Ever since starring in Star Trek: Discovery, Yeoh has been everywhere. She's been on Star Trek, was nominated for her role with Crazy Rich Asians, won an Academy Award with her film Everything Everywhere All At Once, and then jumped to the Witcher spinoff series Blood Origin. Since then she's been busier than ever, even more busy than the early 2000s when she starred in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

She's set to star in the upcoming Star Trek film Section 31, which will premier more than likely in 2025 sometime. She'll be reprising her role as Philippa Georgiou of the Mirror Universe, a role she played before in Discovery. Yet, fans of hers should probably be prepared to say goodbye to Yeoh, at least for now. Yeoh's star has arguably never been brighter.

She's in high demand from all facets of the industry and that means that her workload will likely increase. She's set to star in both Wicked films and the next two Avatar films. That's going to take her on the road a lot, for promotion for both the Wicked films and filming for the later Avatar films. That's not all, she just landed a role with the Blade Runner franchise.

She's going to star in a new series called Blade Runner 2099, which will serve as a sequel series to the second film, Blade Runner 2049. While it's impossible to say for sure what her schedule will look like for her over the next coming years, it's safe to say she doesn't have much free time. And as she just got married recently, you'd think she'd want some down time as well.

While this is purely speculation, it seems with her in-demand status that she likely won't be popping by Star Trek for the foreseeable future. She seems to enjoy the series and her character, but we'd be surprised if she returned any time soon (if at all) to the franchise once Section 31 is over.