Kate Mulgrew is encouraging everyone to watch Star Trek: Prodigy when it debuts on Netflix

Dia Dipasupil/GettyImages

The second season of Star Trek: Prodigy debuts on July 1st on Netflix with all twenty episodes dropping at one time. And series star, Kate Mulgrew, is encouraging fans to tune in and continue to support the series. The higher the streaming numbers, the better the chances of Netflix picking the series up for a third season and possibly even more.

Mulgrew, who voices Admiral Janeway on the series, posting on her Instagram account, shared her love of voicing the admiral and asked that fans watch, stream, and post on social media so that there will be "more seasons to "tell these stories."

Along with thanking the fans for all of their support, she used a new hashtag— #SetACourseForSeason3. Though the creators of Prodigy, Kevin and Dan Hageman have said that season two could wrap up the series the way it is written, everyone is hoping that Dal and his fellow crewmembers will be able to continue their journey along with Admiral Janeway and The Doctor (Robert Picardo), who joins the series this season. Also making his debut (outside of the brief hologram appearance we saw in season one) will be Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran) who Admiral Janeway has been searching for.

The anticipation level for Star Trek: Prodigy is high as fans have a strong investment in the success of the series, considering the effort they put into saving it after it was cancelled by Paramount+. The week of July 1st will begin to tell the story, but if the numbers of the first season of Prodigy's debut on Netflix are anything to go by, there should be no reason why the streaming giant won't greenlight a season three...and possibly even more. While we can keep our fingers crossed, tuning in and spreading the word will be more helpful!

Star Trek: Prodigy's streaming numbers could help Star Trek: Lower Decks' renewal chances. dark. Next. Star Trek: Prodigy's streaming numbers could help Star Trek: Lower Decks' renewal chances