Michael Dorn says not pairing Worf and Raffi again will be "missing an opportunity"


Michael Dorn and Michelle Hurd made onscreen magic when their characters, Worf and Raffi, worked together to help save Starfleet on the final season of Star Trek: Picard. There was just something right about the two actors fighting villains and creating this team. And there has been some talk, mostly speculation, about putting Dorn and Hurd together again in a series of their own. Is that something that will happen? Hurd certainly thinks it's necessary, as she told Star Trek Explorer in 2023. As for Dorn, he told Trekmovie at the 51st Annual Saturn Awards that "there was talk" and that "there's always talk."

"Yeah, there was talk, there’s always talk, but I would say they’re missing the opportunity if they don’t pair us up."

Michael Dorn

His Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star, Marina Sirtis, who was with Dorn at the Saturn Awards, echoed the sentiments of many fans by saying "I think there’s a series there, actually… If they were really smart, that would be the way to go."

When something works as well as the team-up of Worf and Raffi, it makes sense to revisit it. Both characters have a traumatic history and are working to redeem themsevles in a manner of speaking. They both have scars, from both battle and the past, and they were able to utilize those experiences to become better together.

Star Trek: Legacy is still a potential, and if it is greenlit, that would put Hurd on the deck of the Enterprise as the second in command to Jeri Ryan's Captain Seven of Nine, but that wouldn't preclude her from adventures of her own with Worf. So even if a Worf/Raffi series doesn't happen, the pair can reunite in the spin-off...as well they should. They have the type of onscreen chemistry that can't be manufactured, and more adventures with the pair will guarantee that more fans will tune in.

Could a Raffi and Worf spinoff work as well as Legacy?. dark. Next. Could a Raffi and Worf spinoff work as well as Legacy?